A growing team of European surgeons from public or private hospital, practicing ambulatory or not, are joining an unparalleled digital care program.
Using a digital application, Ortone, this program targets hip or knee surgery for patients from any European country. A digital follow-up is available to patients in order to scientifically establish a European metric about patient satisfaction.
This program is free of charge and has no set-up fees.

You need an email address, that’s it !

  • Ortone will notify you through email, as soon as the digital care program is ready to go for you
  • You can navigate over the web using your smartphone, computer, tablet ? Great ! Ortone works with any devices, any browser and any operating system

A collective program where patients are at the core.

// Surgeons, engineers, industrials, institutions

A slice of life that will populate an unmatched European database on the quality of life of thousands of patients. This program is setting up with the partnership of your surgeon and with Microsoft

  • Microsoft, a cloud computing infrastructure
  • Health
  • Hospital
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A world premiere for a health survey with in-the-field data outside hospitals

// Thousands of patients, tens of surgeons over 4 countries

You are a surgeon and you wish to sign-up to Ortone? Drop us a line!
You are a patient? You can invite your surgeon to contact to us.

Posology ?

// In four points

Ortone’s program is very smooth and easy. No pain, no brainer, just some questionnaires delivered through emails

  1. Let’s indicate your email address
  2. Make sure you added ortone’s email address : [email protected] to your address book
  3. You will receive an email giving directions to join this digital care program
  4. Then, Ortone will deliver you ten or so questionnaires sampled on a 90 days timeframe. Beyond care data you are providing, each questionnaire is also an unique opportunity for you to help future patient for a smooth, quick and easy recovery.
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